Welcome all, to the Tales of Errenzuim. this is a campaign based on adventuring, and heroism.

When a Kingdoms’ capital is threatened by a magical befoulment, it is up to Grand adventurers to save the day. Our heroes must travel far through the plagued territory to find the cause. Will they be ready for what awaits them in the land that mankind forgot?

If you feel interested in joining this campaign, please generate a character under the following guidelines…
-Playing by D&D 3.5e
-Character must be lvl 4
-multiclass for up to 3 classes is allowed.
-generate stats based off a 32-point/buy system(all stats start at 8, 1 point per stat up to 14, then 2 for every point after, up to 18)
-Then roll a 6-sided dice, and add one point to whatever stat you rolled(1=strength, 2=dexterity, 3=constitution, 4=intelligence, 5=wisdom, 6=charisma). This is to determine your characters’ “Exceptional talents”
-determine character growth/level-ups accordingly
-begin with 5500 GP, you may purchase any magical equipment if you can afford.

Tales of Errenzuim: The Misty Shoals